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"Lilith?" said Alder ", are you in the library?" He was looking for his companion, in their friends very large house. She was in the library, looking through a shelf for books. A succubus she may be, but she is the only succubus I've seen willing to read. She's also the only one I've seen that likes to wear clothing. Lilith looked at Alder and said " Huh? Oh yeah I'm in here." She was enthralled in the book she was reading. I remember that one, thought Alder, I think it has a happy ending. I can only hope ours does too. "Okay I was just a little worried about you" Alder said honestly. She was always on his mind when he wasn't with her. Like she was his own daughter. " Hey, I found this one book I wanted to read, but I couldn't open it." She pointed to a rather large book on the table. It was obviously ancient, but she was well versed in most languages so she would have been able to read it. "Hm, let me try," Alder said.

     He put his human hand on the book and tried to open it, but it wouldn't budge. However when he tried with both hands it reacted to his touch, glowing faintly. "It's The Book, Alder," said a familiar voice. It was Raynard, their long time friend. "The Book!" Alder said, instantly recognizing the tone his friend had said it in. Good god, what had his friend allowed him to touch. Now it knew who he was, and generally it wouldn't let anyone get away like that. To an average mortal, it may have just ignored them, or even ignore a lower level demon like Lilith (though she would never admit a succubus as a lower level demon). It would take him eventually, and possibly endanger Lilith as well. He was also very well aware of the inner turmoil of the book, which would increase the chances of it wanting to take him. There was no choice, he had to go inside, just to spare Lilith. "Raynard, take care of Lilith while I'm gone," Alder said. Raynard replied ", I know, just be careful alright. And I'm sorry. " Lilith looked worried, Alder had to say something. "Don't worry, I'll be fine," and he opened the book and dived inside. He knew Raynard would explain everything, so he didn't have to worry about that part.

     Alder opened his eye, slightly dazed from the transition. A very spindly woman stood before him. He had a vague idea of how she was, from his days as a servant. Information came from everywhere those days. Without a word she nodded, drew a simple circle in the air, and left. The circle took corporeal form and fell to the ground with a metallic ring. He knew what this was, and it was powerful indeed. A construct so simple had a plethora of meanings, especially to him. He stood up, looked around him, and planned what to do next.
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April 22, 2011


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